Founded by Andy in October 2019, Deep Indigo Collective is a nonprofit, independent news organization committed to the use of visual storytelling as an essential tool in reporting on the most urgent issue of our lifetime.

Our mission is to provide truthful visual documentation informing discussion around climate change and environmental issues. In an era of diminished local reporting resources, Deep Indigo Collective provides visual context as the climate crisis becomes pronounced within news-vulnerable communities.

The formation of the nonprofit counters the extensive loss of reliable visual content across the US media market at a time when images drive web-based news and social media platforms. The nonprofit’s investment in community-focused visual storytelling across the United States offers our partners news outlets a powerful tool in delivering far-reaching content to audiences. 

Through these efforts, we address the shortcomings left behind by the loss of staff photographers, videographers and editors from visual departments in US newsrooms, in addition to industry-wide reductions to coverage areas, editorials resources and budgets. Learn more here.