Community activists remove graffiti and others markings from structures in the Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas in May of 2018. Sam Wynne, owner of BrainDead Brewing and Bowls and Tacos, helped to organize the event as a way to clear up the streets of Deep Ellum. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn)


Angela Carter, of Santa Fe, Texas, registered for a license to carry class hosted by Mark Giordonello before the shooting at her daughter's high school. Carter took the class with her husband William Carter. On Friday morning May 18, 2018, 10 people were killed and 13 were injured after a shooting at Santa Fe High School. Angela Carter's daughter Victoria Garcia, 16, was in the school at the time of the shooting and ran outside during history class. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn)                                         

The annual meeting of The Lettuce Club at Heritage High School in Frisco, Texas. The meaning of the club is to serve as a break from the forces of being a teenager. The students attempt to consume as much from one head of lettuce as they can in 20 minutes. The club was founded by students Krystal Li and Steph Halsey the year before after they saw a similar activity online. So far the club has met twice, once in 2016-2017 school year and once in 2017-2018 school year. Senior Autumn Vidana has won both times the club has met. The club is sponsored by history teacher Mark Massey. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn) 

A makeshift day camp at Congregation Emanu El helps children avoid chaos while parents focus on Hurricane Harvey flood recovery. At pickup on Saturday September 2, 2017, parents had time to break bread and play with their children before returning to a life in disarray. On the Sabbath, Emanu El's rabbi had a message for the flood victims and​ community​ members​ trying to help. (DMN video/editing: Andy Jacobsohn)

We asked Dallas-area seniors to finish this sentence ahead of Valentine’s Day 2016: “Love is…” From love being the “best thing I ever had” to “how it keeps you alive” listen to what these Dallas-area dear ones had to say. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn)

Sarah Dill and Josh Dill speak outside their home as demolishing and cleaning take place in their house as recovery efforts continue after flooding from Harvey in Kingwood, Texas Thursday August 31, 2017. Josh and Sarah Dill were home when they had to evacuate flood waters entering their home with their two children into an inflatable boat. When Josh tried to close the front door on the way out the door slammed on his hand and broke it. After finding a job in January 2017 and a stint of unemployment, the family found out the Sarah had breast cancer in February of 2017. Sarah has had a mastectomy and a chemotherapy treatment, and had to get a radiation treatment on the day recovery efforts were taking place in her house. (DMN video/editing: Andy Jacobsohn)

A view around "PRELUDE: a Preview of Aurora 2017" along the Dallas Arts District. Aurora is an biennial events that mixes media art of light, video, sound, performance and projection in an urban, open-air setting in downtown Dallas. (DMN video: Andy Jacobsohn, image: Jae Lee/The Dallas Morning News)

Dr. Donald Hansen and nurse Barbara Kaminski discuss their time at Nye Regional Medical Center in Tonopah, Nev., on the day the hospital shut down for good after years of financial mismanagement. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn)

Landscape architect Peter Walker is the first recipient of the $150,000 Richard Brettell Award in the Arts. The award honors an artist whose body of work demonstrates a lifetime of achievement in his or her field. His signature landscape is the National September 11 Memorial in New York. In North Texas, Walker designed the landscape for the Nasher Sculpture Center and the University of Texas at Dallas, among others. (DMN video/edit: Andy Jacobsohn)